Sophie Foster (Jessica Camacho), a rogue player in the world of high-end artifacts trading who attempts to retrieve the Shard of Anubis from Jenny and Joe. In the future timeline, Lara was raised to believe that Diana was killed in a misguided rebellion against Dreyfuss and Crane was executed as a traitor, fighting alongside Dreyfuss's forces to bring order to the world, but after witnessing the truth about War, Lara made contact with Crane and was given a spell to travel back in time to undo her history. Hear No Evil Description. Later revealed to be under Henry's control, Irving is freed but allowed to remain alive once Henry is slain. Hear No Evil (2014 film) 2014 American thriller drama film written and directed by Russ Parr and starring Richard T. Jones, Jill Marie Jones, Jackie Long and Jahnee Wallace. Jahnee Wallace is an actress, known for Max Steel (2016), Sleepy Hollow (2013) and The Game (2006). She likewise has a modest figure and Brown hair. Captain Ichabod Crane, Esquire (Tom Mison), former professor of history at Oxford University prior to the American Revolution, comes to America with the British before switching sides to spy for the Colonists, under General George Washington. Having tied the knot all the way back in 2005, it has been over […], Honey House is one of the collaborative Tiktok houses which has been viral recently. In 1781, he dies while simultaneously beheading the Horseman, and their blood mixes together. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and … Hear No Evil TV Series 2017– IMDb ~ With Michelle Allen Peter Faure Melissa Haiden Siobhan Hodgson The series is built around audio … When Henry is slain, she attempts to alter history by going back in time to kill Crane before his fight with the Horseman, the spell allowing her to 'possess' her prior self. Hear No Evil may refer to: . As of the third season, he has joined Jenny in continuing his father's work with tracking down any supernatural artifacts, effectively filling Nick's role. […], Tiger Lily Hutchence is known as a celebrity kid who is very famous right after her birth. Directed by Stewart Hendler. He was revealed to be affiliated with the coven that resurrected the Horseman, and, despite having his neck broken in the pilot for his failure, has since returned as an undead being to aid other spirits in their efforts to be reborn. Irving subsequently departs the country to protect his family from the forces of the Apocalypse. She breaks out of the institution, but after Abbie tells her sister she will never again deny what they saw, the sisters are reconciled. Jahnee Wallace RELATIONSHIP. Molly loses her Witness responsibilities when her future self Lara appeared, Lara travelling back from a timeline where Dreyfuss succeeded in his plans to conquer America. [4] Henry cursed him to be a wendigo, but he was saved from this fate, thanks to Crane and Nicks' help using a Native American artifact. Jeremy Davies as Malcolm Dreyfuss, an eccentric billionaire and owner of Dreyfuss Enterprises. Crane managed to salvage their relationship as a friendship. Diana Thomas (Janina Gavankar), a Homeland Security Agent who is thrust into Ichabod Crane's world after her partner was killed by a demon. As then, the two have rekindled a romance. Although initially he has difficulty adapting to the 21st century, by the end of the second season, he states he has acclimatized (aside from occasional mishaps), berating Katrina and Henry for holding onto the past. He was decapitated by the Horseman during the Horseman's return. Both Abbie and her sister, Jenny Mills, dealt with instability at home as children. She also tells Abbie that there are others out there like herself and Reverend Knapp, and that she is surprised that the Witnesses have not encountered any of them. It is revealed over the course of the season that he achieved his fame by making a deal with the devil, with his plans focusing on finding a loophole that will prevent his soul from going to Hell. Hear No Evil is a 2014 American thriller drama film written and directed by Russ Parr and starring Richard T. Jones, Jill Marie Jones, Jackie Long and Jahnee Wallace. Unknown to Abbie, though, Sheriff Corbin was Jenny's mentor. Captain Frank Irving. [03/04/15 - 09:02 AM] TV One to Premiere Original Film "Hear No Evil" Starring Jahnee Wallace, Jill Marie Jones, Richard T. Jones and Jackie Long She is later informed by the Witnesses about the paranormal occurrences taking place in the town. With Ben Winchell, Josh Brener, Maria Bello, Andy Garcia. The series ends with Crane still to face four Tribulations, with his soul sold to the devil. Jahnee Wallace plays the role of Young Abbie Mills. He killed Pandora in the end, with the help of Crane. Como entrenador dirigió durante 15 años en dos universidades de la NCAA, tanto dentro de su casa del estado de Oklahoma, además de ser el entrenador de los israelíes de la temporada. Now at this moment Jahnee Wallace relationship between them remains strong and there are no signs of complications or problems. Fortunately, the Witnesses manage to destroy her box before the Hidden One can fully 'recharge', forcing her to donate some of her power to sustain him. Jenny later takes part in helping to solve the mysteries surrounding the Horseman. He promised Jenny that he would come back as soon as he was sure he could trust himself not to get the others killed. He is a god-like demon with the goal of bringing forward the Apocalypse and the raising of the Headless Horseman. It all started with Hype House which housed a bunch of […], Celeste Williams is a famous politician from Arkansas. Moloch (D. J. Mifflin and Derek Mears), the main antagonist of the first two seasons of the series. It is she who casts the spell of suspended animation on Crane, after his supposed 'fatal' wounding by the Horseman. Hear No Evil 2014 IMDb ~ Directed by Russ Parr With Jahnee Wallace Jill Marie Jones Richard T Jones Jackie Long A deaf high school student has her hearing restored suddenly and her family finds out that she can hear more than just people. She was the one who had Abbie's and Jenny's mother sent to the psychiatric ward and placed the girls in foster care. Jerry MacKinnon as Jacob "Jake" Wells, a research analyst for Agency 355; he also works in The Vault. He was the one who imprisoned Katrina in Purgatory, after Katrina's coven handed her over (as punishment for saving Crane). With Moloch dead, his apocalypse cannot come to be. He believes that he was meant to be the hero of his story, but that Crane was the one who turned him into a villain. As of the third season, he is applying for American citizenship to legalize his efforts to preserve the archive he and Abbie use to research their adversaries, although the application process is delayed in "Dark Mirror" due to Crane missing an important interview while trying to save Abbie. Rachel Melvin as Alexandra "Alex" Norwood, a talented engineer who works for Agency 355 and is partnered with Jake Wells. Katrina left him in her care; however, his cries started a house fire that ultimately killed her. He is briefly killed by the Horseman when Katrina sends the Horseman after Crane, but Abbie's success in undoing Katrina's attempt at time travel negates these events, erasing Franklin's premature demise and his meeting with Abbie. As of "The Sisters Mills," Crane is officially head of the Hudson Valley Historical Society, giving him an explanation for his expertise and a reason for his affiliation with the FBI. He later holds her captive, but she escapes back to Crane. Wikipedia After confessing to murders his possessed daughter committed, he is arrested and sent to the psychiatric ward. At the end of the series, the President makes him an official citizen of America. Abbie and Je… She encounters the 'Warlock', at which time Katrina gives into her dark side, aligning with Henry's plan to awaken the descendants of her coven of witches, despite the danger if these powers are activated in the modern world.