Our Mission 

The Innisfil Arts, Culture, and Heritage Council is dedicated to enhancing arts, culture and heritage as an integral part of our community. Our goal is to help arts, culture and heritage individuals, groups and organizations realize their full creative, social and economic potential to the greater benefit of the community.


Our vision is to create Innisfil as a vital arts, culture and heritage centre, a source of pride for the residents and a recognized arts, culture and heritage destination.

We believe

  • Opportunities and access to arts, culture, and heritage are the right of every person in Innisfil.
  • Recognize the value creativity and imagination as necessary components to a vibrant, developing community.
  • Arts, culture and heritage events, and festivals throughout the year enrich and enhance our community.
  • Communications networks that link artists and artisans, arts groups and organizations to one another and to the community at large are essential as an infrastructure that includes databases, resources for education and funding, media and promotions.
  • In our identity as a sense of place, heritage, innovation, diversity and inclusiveness, celebrated and explored through the arts.